Enrollment and Financial Aid for Returning Students

2023/24 Tuition & Fees
Registration (non refundable):  $1,250
Academic Fee:  $700

2023/24 Re-Enrollment Timing

Returning student enrollment for the 2023-24 school year will begin with the Contract of Financial Responsibility, available on PowerSchool February10 and will complete with a signed contract by February 27. Details of the re-enrollment process were mailed to families in early January.


Financial Assistance

The Mona L. McDaniel ‘34 Scholarship and Women in Medicine Program is available to 10th -12th grade students with an interest in pursuing a career in the field of medicine and who are participating in the Women and Medicine Program. Students are encouraged to apply for funding their financial aid with an award from the Mona L. McDaniel ‘34 Scholarship fund. Students not yet receiving this aid may apply for consideration. A 3.0 or higher, grade point average and continued participation in the Women in Medicine Program is required. Click the button below to access the application.


Enrolled Students Reapplying for FACE or ACHIEVE

A FACTS application must be fully complete by February 1, 2023.

The steps to complete the application process are:

       1. Click on the button below to access the FACTS application.

If you need assistance, call the FACTS Parent Help Live Support phone number 866-315-9262.


2. Check Holy Names High School as shown on the screen below. Families who want to be re-considered for the Family Aid-Catholic Education (FACE) grant should check the box for Family Aid Catholic Education (FACE) under organizations. This is required for current FACE recipients who wish to continue receiving the grant and new applicants.


  1. Complete the FACTS form.  If you need assistance, call the FACTS Parent Help Live Support phone number 866-315-9262.

Financial Aid Funding

Financial assistance is made possible through contributions of generous Monarch Alumnae, families, and friends.  


Agnes Anderson ‘42 Scholarship
Catherine & Hannah Moriarty Scholarship
Daniel & Mary Moriarty Scholarship
Gino and Gloria Martinucci ‘49 Scholarship
Sr. Mary Herbert Raphael ‘34 Scholarship
Marian Carlen Baker ‘35 Scholarship
Mona L. McDaniel ‘34 Scholarship
Norine Shea Morgan ‘53 Scholarship 
Rosalie Soldati Bowers ‘35 Scholarship
Sisters of the Holy Names Scholarship
Dean Hubbard Memorial Scholarship
Marie T. Focha ‘78 Scholarship
Monica Stephens ‘38 Scholarship


For any questions regarding financial assistance, please contact Shirley Spiller, Director of Finance, at [email protected].