Textbook Information

Textbook Information

Textbooks vary by course. The online portal below will display the books needed for each class. Please note that you only need to purchase textbooks for classes that are listed on the following portal. If your student’s course is not listed on the following portal, there is no book required for that course.


  1. Review your daughter's assigned classes.

  2. Log on to the following wesbite: http://hnhs3128.org/

  3. Choose a subject

  4. Click on your student’s course

  5. Click on the MARKETPLACE button*

*The Marketplace will display a list of retailers that have the textbook in stock. This list will also include the cost of the textbook. Notice the tabs along the top: "New", "Used", and "Rental". You may purchase new or used textbooks, based on your preference.

(DO NOT CHOOSE THE RENTAL OPTION. Rentals are for 6 months. Most classes at HNHS are a full year in length.)

  1. Choose the retailer of choice and purchase the textbook.

  2. Repeat for each course.

Note: All textbooks must be purchased AND in the student’s possession by the beginning of the school year. Any textbooks that are not purchased and in class will be purchased by the school, and charged to the family via Smart Tuition. The charge will also include a $25 ordering fee.