Integral Student Outcomes

A Holy Names High School Graduate . . .

is a woman of faith

  • She understands scripture and Catholic doctrine.
  • She demonstrates moral and ethical decision-making consistent with gospel values.
  • She understands her own spirituality while respecting other belief systems and identifying common spiritual values among them.
  • She appreciates that the Good News of Jesus is proclaimed within the context of relationships and community.


is intellectually competent

  • She thinks critically and independently and applies these skills in problem solving.
  • She expresses herself effectively orally and in writing.
  • She utilizes appropriate tools and technologies to locate, evaluate and present information.
  • She demonstrates intellectual curiosity and exercises her talents in pursuit of learning.
  • She collaborates with others and works cooperatively to achieve her goals.


is committed to personal growth

  • She demonstrates integrity and honesty in her daily life.
  • She demonstrates respect for human diversity and the dignity of all human beings.
  • She values good health and, therefore, makes wise choices concerning nutrition, physical activity, and the care of her body.


is artistically enriched

  • She is capable of artistic expression through the creation of works of art or through the performance of original or existing works.
  • She is aesthetically literate and understands works of art in their historical and cultural context.
  • She values the artistic process as a means of achieving self-awareness, growth, liberation and joy.


serves others

  • She understands and acts upon the school motto “Noblesse Oblige” in her response to the needs of others, especially the poor and disadvantaged.
  • She reaches out to the larger community and reflects upon her experiences from a social justice perspective.




Approved by the Holy Names High School Board of Directors 01/05/00.