Welcome to the Holy Names High School Counseling Department!


In the Counseling Department, we support the academic, personal, social, and emotional growth and development of students in all grade levels. The counseling team brings over 30 years of experience educating, championing, and advocating for young people. 


We value a collaborative approach and work closely with many different people and teams within the school community. We actively and consistently partner with teachers, administrators, and parents/families to help students successfully navigate their high school experience and thrive during their time at Holy Names. 


The College Access Program, dedicated to guiding each student toward post-high school success, is an integral part of the Counseling Department at Holy Names. Counselors and college advisors work to support all students in all grades. Beginning with workshops for first years and sophomores that help to establish healthy habits for success in high school, our team provides a strong foundation to prepare students for the exciting and individualized college process that begins junior year and carries through the entirety of senior year. 


The Counseling Department guides students through the process of reviewing course offerings and selecting classes for each school year. Our office works closely with the Assistant Principal of Academics to provide additional support for students and to oversee accommodations for students with learning differences. There are many leadership opportunities at Holy Names, and counselors encourage students to embrace experiences that support their growth as leaders and allow them to contribute in meaningful ways to their school and other communities.  


Counselors are available for check-ins with students throughout the year as needed. We encourage self-advocacy in students; we help them to build confidence as learners and support them as they take ownership of their educational choices and pathways. We are present with students in many different spaces during the school day and throughout the school year; we value all opportunities to make connections and build strong relationships that support students’ growth and success. 


The counseling team promotes the development of healthy habits, routines, and self-care practices among students at HNHS. We direct students to resources for health and wellness support, and we help to guide students in making choices and pursuing experiences that align with their values and goals. We prioritize partnership, communication, and collaboration in our approach with students as we strive to set them up for success during and beyond their time at Holy Names. 


We are so proud of all students here at HNHS, and we are honored to be part of this special community. 

Veronica Reynoso, Holy Names High School Counseling
Veronica Reynoso
B.A., Psychology
California State University, East Bay
M.S., Counseling with a School Counseling concentration
California State University, East Bay
Brooke Zimmerman, Holy Names High School Counseling
Brooke Zimmerman
B.S., Education
Kent State University
M. Ed., Dual Masters in Emotional Disturbances and Special Education
University of Pittsburgh