Holy Names High School

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Visual and Performing Arts


Holy Names High School continues its long-standing tradition of offering an outstanding Visual and Performing Arts program.

Students have the opportunity to begin a new artistic discipline in high school. There are many opportunities to perform and exhibit work in all areas of the visual and performing arts. An interested student can take a four-year sequence of courses in any area of the visual and performing arts. Many students take advantage of this, valuing the artistic process as a means of achieving self-awareness, growth and joy.


Choral Music
Students learn the fundamentals of singing, performing and working as a group in a choral setting as well as the basics of music theory, music history and music appreciation. Advanced students learn more complex music and study music theory, history and appreciation in greater depth. Opportunities for performance include the Winter and Spring concerts sponsored by HNHS and several outside festivals and events.

Instrumental Music
Beginning students learn to play with musical expression and sensitivity both as individuals and in large and small groups, as well as learning the fundamentals of music theory and music history. Intermediate students build upon this foundation to improve their musicianship and performance skills while expanding their knowledge of theory, history, and music appreciation. Advanced students become valued members of the HNHS Orchestra, performing wind ensemble, string ensemble, and full orchestra music at a variety of concerts and functions throughout the year. All music students are encouraged to develop a lifelong enjoyment of music through participation in the Winter and Spring concerts and through attendance and support of community and professional music groups.

The art program provides a sequential four-year program in art, culminating in Advanced Placement Studio Art. The beginning art courses expose students to basic drawing techniques and the principles of design and color usage through experimentation in a variety of media. This foundation is expanded into a comprehensive study of the techniques of drawing in linear, textural, rendered, and experimental styles and is built upon a progressional system of growth that moves from simple to complicated concepts and techniques. The AP Studio Art course is designed for the serious and skilled high school art student who will dedicate time and energy to an art portfolio, consisting of 24 original works. World Arts is an elective course which allows students to experiment with art forms developed in various cultures throughout the world. Student art work is exhibited throughout the school year with a senior retrospective in the spring.

Both beginning and advanced on-stage and back-stage experiences are available in the drama program. Students learn the fundamentals of acting through the preparation and performance of monologues, scenes, and a short play. Students are introduced to theater history, dramatic structure and genres, and develop appreciation for and understanding of dramatic literature. Stagecraft students study make-up design and application, costume design, set design, prop design, lighting, sound, stage management, and house management in modern and historical contexts. Stagecraft is also a hands-on activities-based course that introduces students to the work of technical production crews by supporting HNHS theater productions. Performance opportunities in the Fall Play and Spring Musical are highlights of the drama year.




Visual Arts
  • Art 1
  • Art 2
  • Art 3
  • World Arts
  • AP Studio Art
  • Art Internship


Theater Arts

  • Drama
  • Advanced Drama
  • Stagecraft


  • Beginning Winds
  • Intermediate Winds
  • Beginning Strings
  • Intermediate Strings
  • Orchestra
  • AP Music Theory
  • Music Internships
  • Music Theory and Musicianship



  • Choir
  • Vocal Ensemble


Graduation requirement: two years of visual and performing arts.
All courses except Art and Music Internship are certified as meeting the requirements for admission to the University of California and California State University systems.