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As an alumna, your Holy Names experience doesn’t last for just four years, it lasts a lifetime, forever…. The primary purpose shall be to unite all graduates through the Alumnae Association and to encourage them to continue to practice and promote the mission of Holy Names High School. A secondary aspiration is to sustain, support, and strengthen the welfare and best interests of Holy Names High School and the students.

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The Alumnae Association is led by President Sarah Wetter ’06, and Secretary & Admissions Liaison Dwyla Jordan '89.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives serve the critical role of being the primary contact for their classmates. HNHS works closely with class reps to help promote alumnae events, such as Homecoming, and invites them to be involved with fundraising events as well, such as Fund Her Future and Boots & BBQ. Class Reps may help to organize aspects of their class reunions, and can request and update classmate contact information with the school. Class Reps are welcome and encouraged to attend Alumnae Association meetings (5-6 per year) when possible, so they can contribute to alumnae events and represent their classmates.
If you’d like to explore the possibility of being a representative, please connect with Emily Lacroix at [email protected] or 510.450.1110, ext. 138.
The current class representatives, by class year, are listed below:
1937    Dorothy Chipchase Sechrist (RIP)
1938    Patricia Reynolds Bacich-Stephens (RIP)
1938    Mary Anselm Grover, SNJM (RIP)
1939    Catherine Bawden Stanton (RIP)
1940    Mary Teresa Vinson Anderson (RIP)
1941    June H. Martin Alameida
1941    Patricia Wheatcraft Rapp
1942    Joan Raftery (RIP)
1943    Norma Tannahill Ahern
1944    Mary McEnhill McInerney (RIP)
1944    Virginia Moran Rarig (RIP)
1945    Shirley Vierra Scanlon
1946    Patricia Welch Newton (RIP)
1948    Shirley Sexton, SNJM (RIP)
1949    Gloria Pieri Martinucci (RIP)
1950    Rita O'Neill Bucher (RIP)
1951    Gloria Del Tredici Calegari
1951    Noël Girard, SNJM
1951    Martha Doyle O’Brien (RIP)
1952    Rosemary O’Connor Brennan
1953    Sheila Maloney Carmassi (RIP)
1953    Carmaletta Peterson Hedlund-Doyle
1954    Kathryn Ondreyco, SNJM
1954    Lorraine Pagan (RIP)
1954    Louise Rettagliata Vigna
1955    Ann Connolly Olson
1956    Shirley Ovren Dean
1957    Carol Jose Lucey
1958    Amparo Rodriguez Adams
1958    Carol Accornero Barrett
1958    Kathleen Callaway, SNJM
1958    Patricia Sauer Reifers
1959    Barbara Jean Menietti DeLuca
1959    Nancy O’Brien Dirito
1959    Barbara Bucher Lacher
1959    Julie Lyons Sanderson
1960    Arleen Vola Maginnis
1960    Mary Lu McGuire
1961    Marie Turner Bossert
1961    Roberta Vawter Joyner
1962    Sister Roberta Carson
1962    Sandra Downey
1963    Mary Glavinovich Ghidella
1963    Mary Meagher King
1963    Lenore Freschi Maionchi
1964    Patricia Donovan Jelley
1964    Paula Freschi Kamena
1965    Kathleen Arnold
1965    Sister Sally Slyngstad
1966    Margaret Ann Kennedy
1967    Lynn C. Laiolo Kalcic
1967    Maryann Danielson Wade
1968    Margaret Ahern
1968    Marian Slyngstad Esser (RIP)
1968    Luciann Cuneo Leraul
1968    Terrie Olavarri Rosales
1969    Sharon Cotter (RIP)
1969    Deborah de Coudreaux
1969    Sheila Lopez
1969    Laura Scotlan
1970    Deborah Edgerly
1970    Cha Cha (Maria) Donato Sanders
1971    Teresa Martinucci Hurlbut
1971    Marianne Landis
1972    Karen Dyer
1972    Lori Martinucci Framsted
1974    Donna Duhe
1974    Joanna Ollerdessen Wood
1975    Kate Donahue Larkin
1975    Mary Stephens
1975    Carol (CJ) Vohs Volk
1976    Nancy Cadigan
1976    Kelly Sullivan Hodgins
1977    Mynita Woolery Bounthon
1977    Cece Vohs Cimino
1977    Kelly Rosso Leight
1977    Anita Sham Fegler
1977    Seaneen McCarthy Wilson
1978    Marie Focha (RIP)
1978    Mary E. Poppingo
1978    Barbara Scotlan
1979    Pamela Banks
1979    Debra Pryor
1980    Natalie Lenz Acuña
1980    Carrie McClish
1980    Kathleen McSharry
1981    Karen Davidson Eldridge
1981    Elizabeth Almeida Remigio
1981    Jacqueline Haslam Reynolds
1982    Tamara Wiggins
1983    Nina Fadelli
1983    Celeste Cowell Gurulé
1983    Joyce Scotlan
1984    Shonda Scott
1984    Shirley Spiller
1985    Charmain Johnson
1986    Mary Campbell
1986    Lisa Malvo
1986    Desiree Johnson Robinson
1987    Cydia Taylor Garrett
1988    Fatima Brunson Evans
1989    Denise Cotton-Royal
1989    Rochelle Ethlet Andanar Garrido
1989    Charlotte Rodeen-Dickert
1990    Anne Beles
1990    Carmelina Frasca
1990    Jill Jarosz
1991    Edana Patton Anderson
1992    Monica Andrade
1993    Amanda Barden
1993    Lori Carr-Johnson
1994    Carly Helgeson
1996    Cometria Cooper
1996    Christina Helton Grossenbacher
1996    Valerie Hollins
1997    Venus Johnson
1997    Johari Leaks
1999    Kendra Boyd Carr
1999    Brenda Oiyemhonlan, MD
2001    Jwahir Leaks
2001    Pamela Palpallatoc
2001    Alessandra Albrizzio Robinson
2002    Andrea Ham Sanborn
2003    Maria Jarquin
2004    Hannah Gallup
2004    Allesandra Mandujano
2004    Elizabeth Waldron Phelps
2004    Kaitlin Dove Westhoff
2004    Allison Yee
2005    Caitlin Alegre
2005    Hilary Imai
2005    Rhysly Martinez Till
2006    Jane Gress
2006    Stephanie Ham
2006    Maricella Mandujano
2006    Lauren McGhee
2006    Emily Scroggs
2006    Sarah Wetter
2007    Cynthia Bayley
2007    Rachel Brylawski
2007    Christina Bushby
2007    Karen Gonzalez
2007    Elizabeth Kiikvee MacNulty
2008    Lauren Boone
2008    Olivia Hasler
2008    Megan LaFleur
2008    Emily Lindorfer
2008    TiYanna Long
2008    Jaleesa Suell
2009    Ann Boyd
2009    Ashli Fisher
2009    Hannah Gustafsson
2009    Yael Haar
2009    Joelle Rodigari
2010    Corinne Morier
2010    Cristina Ramos
2011    Therese-Marie Chaix
2011    Stacy Ditta
2011    Sarah Fourby
2012    Maya Castro
2012    Jamie Fiero
2012    Emily Soldavini
2013    Jennifer Urdaneta
2015    Jennifer Vazquez
2016    Brittany Deweaver
2017    Camila Avila-Martinez
2017    Ireland A. Clare Kennedy
2017    Nakeeya Garland
2018    Jocelyn Diaz
2018    Samari Dickson
2018    Sofia Ortega-Guerrero
2019    Briana Aguilar
2019    Kaylianna Cadena
2019    Ashley Djekou
2020    Abigail Hasselbrink
2020    Ava Pourfallah
2021    Sophie Hernandez
2021    Amira Jourdan
2021    Hydeia Wysinger
2022    Quetzalli Beruman-Ponce
2022    Xitlalli Martinez-Rubio
2022    Naomi Monzon Bareto
The Holy Names High School Alumnae Association is an inclusive community of women who value the personal and educational growth Holy Names provided them. The Association nurtures relationships between alumnae and strengthens the bond between alumnae and the school to ensure future generations of young women flourish. Through alumnae events, fundraisers, and volunteer opportunities, the Association engages past, present, and future students to support a culture of empowered women serving our communities.
Every graduate of HNHS is welcome to participate in the Alumnae Association! The group gathers every other month during the school year in the Social Hall for an evening meeting (about 5 times per year). Alumnae work closely with HNHS staff to support the school by attending school fundraising events, promoting the school in the community, being a resource to current students, and more.
A volunteer leadership team (selected by alumnae) keeps the group organized and helps to set goals each year. The leadership team volunteers their time and expertise to support our larger network and we're tremendously grateful for their service. Please meet our 2019-20 leadership team!
If you are interested in joining the leadership team, please contact Emily Lacroix, Executive Development Director at [email protected]

Dwyla Jourdan

Dwyla Jourdan '89, President

Dwyla is a proud alumna of the HNHS Class of '89. She earned a B.A. in American Studies, with a minor in Rhetoric & Communications, from UC Davis and an M.A. in English from Cal State Hayward (East Bay). Dwyla works as part of the administrative team for the Office of Diversity, Leadership, and Employee Wellness at Cal State East Bay. She is passionate about promoting diversity and inclusivity across the university, as well as supporting students in their higher education goals. Dwyla is devoted to her family and she cherishes her husband of 21 years and their two kids (a 20 year-old son and a 16 year-old daughter who is now attending HNHS). Although her household is bustling with two teenagers and a little poodle, Dwyla tries to maintain her hobbies by nurturing her love of writing, ethnic art, music, and movies.