Cafeteria Services & Freedom Pay

Fresh, delicious, and healthy options are available everyday from Juarez Catering, the exclusive provider of student meals in the Holy Names cafeteria.  Snacks and drinks are available to students during any non-class period.  Hot breakfast, along with cereal, bagels, and fruit, are served during morning break.  Daily lunch specials from Chef Felix are available every day along with made-to-order sandwiches and salads.
Available fresh every day:
Breakfast (a la carte)
$1 Sausage
$1 Bacon
$1.50 Bagel w/ cream cheese
$2 Cereal
$2.50 Cereal with milk
$2 Muffins
$2 Eggs
$2 Potatoes
$1 Waffle (with whipped cream, fruit and/or syrup)
$3 Breakfast Sandwich
$2 Breakfast Burrito
Snacks & Drinks
$.75 - 2.00 Chips & Cookies
$1 Water
$ 2 - 2.50 Tea, Juice, Assorted Beverages
$ 2.00 Ice Cream
$5 Salad Bar
$5 Sandwich Bar
$6 Daily Special
(see daily menu below)
Meals may be purchased with cash or by using Freedom Pay, a pre-loaded account used exclusively for payments in the HNHS Cafeteria. Parents may fund each student's FreedomPay account with any amount and monitor purchases in order to budget spending throughout the year.  A 4.25% funding fee is assessed to all account funding.
A bar code sticker will be placed on the back of the Student ID card sleeve.  Once funds are applied, simply tap the bar code on the reader and the purchase will be deducted from the account. Similar to a credit card, Freedom Pay charges a fee, but unlike a credit card, the fee is not paid by the vendor and buried in the price of the purchase, but rather charged to the customer up front.  Freedom Pay charges a flat fee of $15.00 annually and a funding fee of 4.25% for funds when they are loaded to the account.