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The Power of a Planned Gift

Frances (Phipps) Moan was a force in business and an absolute fireball of a woman up to her passing at age 92, Frances never slowed down. She was introduced to Holy Names High School in 1934 and teachings of the SNJM community never left her heart. As a young woman, Frances watched the parents of a close friend struggle to send their six children to Catholic schools. That early experience planted a seed in her head that would later manifest itself in her generous support of Catholic education. With that beautiful simplicity of reason and pureness of heart, Frances Moan blessed Holy Names with the largest single gift in the school’s history -- a gift that will benefit deserving young women for generations.

Ways to Give


Planned Gift: You can designate a planned gift to Holy Names High School, by making a large gift as a part of your Will or Trust. The amount left to Holy Names can be expressed as a dollar amount or as a percentage of the assets to be given. 
Contact your lawyer for help in adding it to your Will or Trust.


Beneficiary: You can also name Holy Names High School as a beneficiary of retirement accounts, insurance policies, or other financial accounts. Contact your accountant or policy administrator for the appropriate designation form and list Holy Names High School.


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Once you make a gift, you are automatically a member of our Noblesse Oblige Society. Learn more about this wonderful society!

Why remember HNHS in your estate plan?


From the sisters:

Sr. Diane Nixon ‘57 & Sr. Noel Girard ‘51: HNHS provides excellent education opportunities that young women may not be able to have otherwise. The leaders of today mature to lead the world with passion and innovation. They become well rounded young women.


Sr. Carol Nicklas: Leaving HNHS in your estate allows you to pay back the wonderful education you received and leaves your own legacy of education.


From an Alumna:

Mona McDaniel ‘33: She always appreciated the hard work and dedication the students, faculty, and staff provide for the community of Holy Names. She credits Holy Names as the foundation for success for generations of young women. Today, her investment funds the wonderful Women in Medicine group and scholarships to deserving and motivated students. 

Learn more about how to give to Holy Names and join our Noblesse Oblige Society, click here for information or see our Noblesse Oblige Society page. 
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The Noblesse Oblige Society is Holy Names High School’s planned giving society; our partners in mission and helping to ensure access to top tier education for generations to come.


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