Catholic Schools Week

Holy Names High School is part of the SNJM Network. The Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary is a network of schools in both the United States and Canada founded by Mother Marie Rose in 1843. During her time, she and her congregation provided young girls with an education that centered around developing all aspects of a child. Through the 1860s, a congregation of Sisters journeyed through the United States establishing SNJM schools and provided more and more opportunities for Catholic education for young girls. 
Over 150 years later, the SNJM network continues this work. The development of the whole child is a primary value that anchors the decisions we make, programs we offer, and discussions that we have in our community every day. 
To honor National Catholic Schools Week we have several events and activities scheduled for students and staff. Check them out below!
Monday, 1/30 - Celebrating Community
Sharks and Minnows outside! All may attend. Winner receives a $10 Amazon gift card.
Tuesday, 1/31 - Celebrating Students
Free dress for all students! Movie screening in lunch at the cafeteria.
Wednesday, 2/1 - Celebrating the Nation
U.S. history Kahoot! competition during lunch, hosted by Mr. Edmondson and Mr. Brunetti
Thursday, 2/2 - Celebrating Vocations
Art contest at lunch “drawing your vocation.” 
Friday, 2/3 - Celebrating Faculty and Staff
Treats and goodies for faculty and staff.