Meet the New HNHS Principal

Staff, students, and parents have welcomed the announcement with enthusiasm and excitement that the good work over the past few years can continue uninterrupted. Current Assistant Principal of Student Life, Yejide Ankobia, will continue to work as Assistant Principal in tandem with Mr. Greene and, after three years of gracious and steady leadership, Dr. Jamie Adams will be retiring. President Hubbard offered her gratitude for Dr. Adams, “I am forever grateful for Jamie stepping into to lead during these difficult pandemic years and for her willingness to stay an additional year to help in the transition. In addition to leading the school, she has done an excellent job of mentoring both administrators and they are ready for this leadership opportunity.” A current Holy Names parent shared her appreciation for Dr. Adams and enthusiasm for Mr. Greene saying that she was "sorry to lose Jamie to retirement, but thrilled with Miles as the successor. He'll be great in that position. He's open-minded, caring, and truly focused on creating the best possible environment for student success."

Sr. Rosemary Delaney ’58, an alumna of Holy Names High School, a Sister of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, and a current member of the Board of Directors, concurred that Miles will certainly continue to deepen the spirit of our HNHS culture. Sr. Rosemary experienced Mr. Greene’s work with students firsthand and was inspired with how Miles saw such values as community and school spirit as equally important with academic prep. “An important value for us as SNJMs at this time is to engage with a diversity of collaborators in mission and to create new forms of partnership to further that mission. We Sisters of the Holy Names have other SNJM sponsored high schools in the United States, as well as one in Canada, where the demographics also show some males in leadership positions. Miles full-heartedly embraces our charism of hospitality, the full development of each person, social justice, and collaboration.”    
Mr. Greene shared that “There are so many things that I look forward to as Holy Names Principal. The first is for Holy Names to continue being a place where people feel valued, motivated, and proud to be a Holy Names community member. To me, this means setting a positive school culture where relationships are valued, expectations are clear, communication is frequent, and collaboration is encouraged. I believe in consensus building through teamwork and carefully listening to people in our community who have differing perspectives. It is only through working together that we can find common ground and find best practices that benefit our students.”