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HNHS Response to the Tragic Killing of George Floyd

The Holy Names community joins the family of George Floyd in outrage and determination to stand united against institutional racism. The visceral response being acted out across the nation is evidence of the demand for action. The students at Holy Names are living evidence of the hope of the future we have in what Kareem Abdul-Jabbar called out in Sunday’s LA Times, as a need for “...not a rush to judgement, but a rush to justice.” The core value of justice is alive and loud at Holy Names. Our celebration of the class of 2020 of young women who have a voice to be and grow the change we need so all have the freedom to breathe. 
Over the past several months, we’ve heard that “we’re in this together” as our nation has grappled with more than 100,000 deaths due to COVID-19. Forty million Americans have lost their jobs, and so many more spend every day in fear of the health and economic consequences. While it can feel as if hope is in short supply, now is the time for us to demonstrate that we are truly “in this together” by condemning racial injustice in any form and showing our children and community that we:
  • Stand united to promote acceptance and kindness.
  • Stand up to bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and violence.
  • Stand up for each individual in our diverse community.

“I raise my voice not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.”  Malala Yousafzai

I grieve for the families who have lost loved ones and for those who are suffering. It is not the Holy Names way to simply imagine what others are going through. We must have the respect and resolve to do something about it. Noblesse Oblige calls each of us in this moment to support in whatever way that we can our students, colleagues, and neighbors who are feeling the weight of the impact of institutional racism and the violence it begets on people of color, in addition to the already crippling effects of the pandemic. Injustice is dependent on indifference. Leadership is about showing up, standing up, and speaking up for what is right. 
In peace,
Constance Hubbard ’70, Holy Names High School President
Even though the school year is over, our counselors are available to provide support to students and families via email.
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