Holy Names High School

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Admissions Checklist


  SHADOW VISITS & PARENT TOURS: Shadow visits are held every Monday (with holiday exceptions) from 8:00 am – 12:30 pm. Shadows are paired with students to experience Holy Names as a Monarch. Lunch is provided. Parents are invited to stay from 8 – 9 am for a parent tour, followed by a Q&A with the administration team. 



  ONLINE APPLICATION: Submit application ONLINE at www.hnhsoakland.org with an $90 application fee.


  HIGH SCHOOL PLACEMENT TEST (HSPT): Students applying for the 9th or 10th grade must register online for the HSPT.  Registration is available online at http://oakland.stsusers.com. The exam will take place at HNHS on JANUARY 20, 2018.


   RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommendations are available online at www.hnhsoakland.org under admissions. Recommendations required from Math instructor, English instructor, Principal or counselor. DUE FEBRUARY 2, 2018.


  SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Grades, transcripts, standardized tests from the previous year, and any documented learning differences are DUE FEBRUARY 2, 2018.



  Once the application has been submitted and processed, student and parent(s) interviews will be scheduled mid February.



  Families are eligible to apply for financial assistance (FACTS) at the beginning of January 5, 2018. The FACTS application requires tax information for 2017. Applications are DUE FEBRUARY 2, 2018.


  Scholarship opportunities are available to applying students. The application is required and available online at www.hnhsoakland.org. DUE FEBRUARY 2, 2018.



  Admissions decisions are mailed and emailed MARCH 16, 2018.

  Registration is DUE MARCH 23, 2018.