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Social Studies


The Socials Studies Department utilizes a variety of teaching and learning strategies to engage students actively in their study of history. Some of these strategies include debate, student performance, simulation and analysis of primary source documents. The senior seminar and research project in government and economics provides opportunities for students to research issues, formulate opinions, and lead discussions. The ongoing integration of technology and technological skills in social studies classes assists the department in preparing students for the future.


World Cultures I and II
These survey courses span the scope of human history from its beginnings through the Cold War. They explore the political, social, economic, and cultural developments that draw a global portrait of the past. The relationship between the past and the complex of current issues is central to the study of World Cultures. In addition, our students learn basic social studies skills including analyzing primary sources, reading maps and charts, research, and critical thinking in writing and discussion.

U.S. History
This course is intended to convey a sense of the breadth of American History through discussion of the political, economic, and social development of the United States. This course infuses multicultural and social history perspectives into the study of U.S. History.    Emphasis is placed on understanding how the diversity of ideas and heritages have shaped this country.

Advanced Placement U.S. History
AP U.S. History is designed to provide students with the factual knowledge and analytical skills needed to deal critically with issues in U.S. History. Students will learn to assess historical materials and to evaluate the evidence and its interpretation present in historical scholarship. The course prepares students to take the Advanced Placement Exam.

U.S. Government and Economics
U.S. Government examines the American political system at the federal, state and local levels. Our students consider the significance of the individual in the formation of national policies. In economics they learn basic economic principles and theories and complete an extensive research project combining the many skills accumulated during their four years at HNHS.

U.S. Government and Economics Honors
Though the content of this course is similar to that of the regular U.S. Government and Economics courses, issues will be critiqued and analyzed in greater depth and with greater sophistication. This course is specifically designed for those students who have demonstrated ability in critical thinking and effective writing.

The content of this course includes the study of the basic principles of psychology including human development, personality and behavior disorders. In addition, scientific research will be applied to understanding learning and behaviors.



  • World Cultures I and II
  • U.S. History
  • Advanced Placement U.S. History
  • U. S. Government and Economics
  • U. S. Government and Economics Honors
  • Psychology

Graduation requirement: two years of World Cultures, one year of United States History and one year of United States Government and Economics.
All courses are certified as meeting the requirements for admission to the University of California and California State University systems.