Holy Names High School

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Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Holy Names High School, a small Catholic school for young women, provides an academically challenging college preparatory education in a vibrant learning environment. Our diverse community nurtures spirituality, encourages artistic expression, and promotes justice, preparing the next generation for leadership and service

Core Pillars

Holy Names' Core Pillars are the foundation on which the mission to educate the whole person is established.

Integral Student Outcomes

Holy Names graduates are imparted a common set of lessons and values that shape the decisions and actions they take throughout life.  The integral student outcomes (ISO's) assure that each student has the thoughtfulness and the tools to be a positive influence on her community.

A Holy Names graduate...

is a woman of faith

  • She understands scripture and Catholic teachings.
  • She is fluent in the history, traditions and charism of the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary.
  • She is familiar with and respects the traditions and practices of other belief systems; she can identify common spiritual values among them.
  • She understands the process and principles necessary for making moral and ethical decisions.
  • She appreciates that the good news of Jesus is best expressed within the context of relationships, community and service.
  • She is developing her own faith practices that sustain and nourish her emerging spiritual beliefs.

is intellectually competent

  • She is an independent and critical thinker and applies these skills in problem solving.
  • She expresses herself effectively, orally and in writing.
  • She is fluent in the language and use of technology and utilizes technology appropriately.
  • She demonstrates intellectual curiosity and is committed to the pursuit of lifelong learning.
  • She works collaboratively and cooperatively with others.

is committed to personal growth

  • She demonstrates integrity and honesty in her daily life.
  • She exhibits confidence, self-acceptance and leadership.
  • She values good health and, therefore, makes wise choices concerning nutrition, physical activity, and the care of her body.
  • She develops personal goals and strives to meet them.

is artistically enriched

  • She is capable of artistic expression through the creation or performance of works of art.
  • She is aesthetically literate and understands works of art in their historical and cultural context.
  • She values the artistic process as a means of achieving self-awareness and growth.

serves others

  • She demonstrates understanding of social inequality and privilege, analyzes causes of injustice and develops her voice to speak out on such issues.
  • She exhibits generosity of spirit and compassion towards others, especially the poor and disadvantaged at school, at home and in her community. She values the environment and is committed to the preservation of natural resources.