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The All Girls Advantage

The All-Girls Advantage

Did you know that graduates of all-girls schools have higher academic self-confidence, greater interest in graduate school, and more academic and political engagement? That’s not all! They also have higher confidence in mathematical ability and computer skills, as well as a greater interest in engineering courses. Impressive, right? We think so too.

You have a voice here. Whether you’re sharing a poem in English class, brainstorming with Student Council, or planning a school dance, you’ll have your say. And people will listen.



At Holy Names High School, you have the opportunity to be in an environment where you are the focus. Every activity and program is designed for you.

Our students are the leaders and the main participants. They are given the opportunity to grow by taking academic risks in a supportive environment. When they graduate from Holy Names, they take confidence and knowledge with them and are better equipped to compete and succeed around the world.

Here you will find an environment where each student is supported and challenged by a strong academic program, taught by dedicated teachers who walk the extra mile to help ensure your success.

The Research

Research supports the advantages of attending an all-girls school that we listed above. Click on any of the reports below to read more!