Holy Names High School

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Admissions FAQ's

What is the process for transfer students?

HNHS is accepting transfer applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Students follow the same process as incoming 9th grade students. Students applying for the 11th grade do not require the HSPT exam, but do require most recent standardized test scores.


What are you looking for in an applicant?

We seek young women who are capable, curious and eager to learn, and will participate fully in the life of HNHS. Our admission process takes into consideration the personal as well as academic qualities of each applicant.


Does HNHS accept International students?

HNHS holds a partnership with the Cambridge Institute.  International students are encouraged to apply. Students are required to have a minimum of  60 SLEP score. An interview via Skype is part of the application process. Applications are handled by the Cambridge Institute, please contact admissions@thecambridgeinstitute.org for more information on how to apply.


What if my student has never taken standardized tests?

The HSPT can sound intimidating to students who are not familiar with standardized testing. The test is designed to determine what students have learned and retained. There are many free practice tests available online for preparation.


Does applying for financial assistance influence the admission decision?

HNHS’s Admission Committee conducts a review of candidates without knowing whether or not they are applying for financial assistance. After decisions of acceptance are made for the candidates, those accepted who applied for financial assistance are referred to the Financial Assistance Committee to determine financial need.


When do we know if we qualified for financial assistance?

Families who submit a complete Financial Aid application on time will receive assistance information with the decision letter on March 16, 2018.

How many spaces are available?

HNHS continues to grow. We have not determined a cap size for the 2018– 2019 school year.


Is transportation available?

HNHS provides a daily shuttle service to and from the Rockridge BART station. An AC Transit bus also has a stop next to the school. Families are encouraged to carpool.


Do you have to be Catholic to attend HNHS?

HNHS is proud to have a diverse community. Students from all religious and ethnic backgrounds are welcome.